The Ministry

What We Do

HGB is a group of Shayjents who have both experience and knowledge in demonology, healthcare, therapy, counseling, leadership, charity, business, music, film, development, management, administration, finance, maintenance, security and much more. We help people get delivered and set them free from their uncontrollable circumstance and generational curses if they are willing. We use the entertainment industry to help with their process to a new life. You must have a membership to have access to all services.


HoLy Ghost Busters

The Ministry

Year 1 

  • A space to heal, grow, and see the beauty in your past history by getting deliverance, therapy and commitment.
  • An entertainment company that changes lives.
  • We teach on Stability and Responsibility.
  • We provide Development.
  • We figure out your issues!


Shaygency King Work

The Charity

Year 2 

  • A space to raise funds to help create wealth and success out of the gifts and talents of our clients.
  • We recruit 300 men to put 6 figure incomes, vehicles, homes, and a platform behind them 
  • We teach on Character and Appearance.
  • We provide Management.
  • We give you a plan!


The Shay-Jency

The School

Year 3

  • A space to live, learn, and launch your dreams into reality. 
  • A mobile school that allows you hands-on training in the field that best suits you.
  • We teach on Accountability and Skills.
  • We provide Administration.
  • We monitor your plan!


Shay-J Entertainment (SJE)

The Business

Year 4

  • A space to network, educate, and rehabilitate visionaries and dreamers. 
  • A networking, educational, rehabilitation center on wheels.
  • We teach on Capability and Confidence.
  • We provide Finance.
  • We help you transition into the new you!


G.R.A.E. Messenger Records (GMR)

The Music

Year 5

  • A space where the gifted and talented can develop skills in order to get access to the music industry using our platform to create jobs.
  • We create and offer jobs from our record label for our 300 men charity program.
  • We teach on Marriage and Family.
  • We provide Maintenance.
  •  We are a pathway and key to your success!


Hell Is Real Productions (HRP)

The Film

Year 6

  • A space to educate our clients and partners by filming our progress during our transition into a new life allowing the footage to help the healing process. 
  • Your memories in motion.
  • We teach on Visionaries and Entrepreneurs.
  • We provide Security.
  • We give you access to our club with a new mindset! 


I AM Success (IAS)

The Club

Year 7

  • A space of people and funds who have time, money, and skills to help our organization. 
  • Exclusive club where all the success stories come together to build projects for the others to succeed.
  • A pool of networks of Shaygents sharing their wealth and success.
  • We teach on Gifts and Talents.
  • We give you access to our enterprise with your company! 


HoLywood Telthevision Station (HTS)

The Platform

Year 8

  • A space for change for the world to see our clients, partners, and supporters internationally, globally, and universally. . 
  • S-omewhere P-eople A-ccomplish C-reativity E-veryday.
  • C-oming H-umbly A-lways N-eeding G-race E-veryday
  • We teach on Media and Communication.
  • We give you access to our network with your own platform!