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Healing, Growth, And Beauty


Shannon Jackson

Visionary of HoLy Ghost Busters 

About Us

HoLy Ghost Busters also known as HGB is a ministry developed and birthed by visionary, Shannon Jackson of Akron, Ohio.  It is broken down into two parts. The Back-end is a place where you can receive deliverance from yourself, therapy for yourself, and commitment to yourself. The Front-end is a space to heal, grow, and see the beauty from your past history.  So many people want to move on in their life, but they do not know how to transition because of the lack of not knowing what to do and mostly because they have not healed from their previous situation that caused them pain. We want to help our community heal from what happened in the past, grow while in the process of healing, and see the beauty that comes from it so they can change another person's life. We have 7 platforms in the entertainment industry that we use as tools to help our network heal, grow, and be beautiful!

Having a background in Church Building Development, Healthcare Administration, and Broadcasting TV/Radio, Shannon had a passion to help people rehabilitate their lives and start fresh doing exactly what they love to do everyday while earning an income. She created this ministry to help the people that always help other people. HGB was created through the foundation of prayer for Shay-J Entertainment (SJE) the Business of the visionary. If not for HGB, SJE could not exist or be created. HGB is founded and built by the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, which is partially where the name HoLy Ghost Busters came from. The name of the group was also inspired by the 1984 supernatural comedy film Ghost Busters. The show was based on a group of men who start their own ghost-business company. They go out to answer the calls of people who seem to have paranormal activity in their homes and they go to exterminate them and deposit the spirits in some high-tech equipment they call a containment unit. HGB is somewhat the same concept, except it is based on real life situations and based on helping people move forward with their life.

Pastor Waid Scarbrough

CEO of HoLy Ghost Busters

Pastor Waid Scarbrough is anointed and experienced in various areas of ministry, relationship, counseling, leadership, and business. He was ordained as a Pastor in June of 2017 and currently is the Pastor of Discipleship at California Worship Center in North Hollywood, CA. Pastor Waid earned his Bachelors in Psychology from Humboldt State University. He is currently studying for a Masters Degree in Theology at Liberty University. Pastor Waid has a daily word and an exciting podcast called This Is The Day. He is sought out by various organizations and individuals for coaching, counseling, and mentorship. He is the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a mobile ministry called HoLy Ghost Busters and will be in charge of it's official launch in 2021. He recently accepted the role of Chief Development Officer (CDO) for Shay-J Entertainment in September of 2020 where he is developing a plan to launch the networking, educational, rehabilitation center on wheels. 



We have a 6 step program that will help begin the healing process by delivering, helping you get free and liberated from the problem area in your life.

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We have a team of people to help you grow into the new you that is no longer in pain. Sometimes a new life is hard to adjust to. Our team uses therapy to speed up the healing process.

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We have other organizations that we teamed up with that have similar backgrounds to help us see the beauty in our individual stories. We help each other commit to the new life after healing, never repeating old cylces.

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What our customers are saying

I've never seen so many people who were deemed to have never change come here and do a complete full turnaround. The time it took was so fast its both efficient and effective. I'm proud to be a part.

James Davis - Wealth Builders, LLC